How Barter Works

Using Anbell Trade Exchange (ATX), you are able to sell your products or services to other members of the exchange. You then use the credit you have built up from your sales, to purchase the products or services you or your company needs from other companies within ATX - all without the use of cash!

Imagine having an additional professional sales staff out there selling your products or services to companies that you aren't doing business with. Add that to a purchasing department that helps you get the things you need for yourself and your business, without using cash. This is the essence of ATX.

While you are trading for needed items, you are gaining market share from your competitors all without the use of cash.

Perhaps you need printing, a copy machine or a new roof on your building. Your shelves are full, but your checkbook isn't. Wouldn't it be great if you could trade your products or services for the things you need?

No more one-on-one direct trades - where you must take back from the business that bought from you. That's the beauty of barter with ATX and why it's better. ATX has taken the standard type of direct trade transaction and made it better.

ATX serves as a clearinghouse for its members' transactions as well as a marketing agent for their businesses, generating new business for its clients. Like a bank, ATX tracks all transactions and processes monthly statements for its members. Sale proceeds are deposited into your account and purchases are deducted from your account. It's just that simple.

Barter, as most people know it, is a trade between two parties with no cash changing hands. The cash outlay for the merchandise they received is equal to the wholesale cost of the merchandise sold. In effect, barter allows you to acquire products and services at your wholesale cost.

Every business needs the products and services of other companies. Barter is a lucrative business, where products/services are purchased and sold using trade dollars instead of cash. Transactions are recorded electronically through ATX, using state-of-the-art software. Organized barter provides the vehicle for businesses to 'pay' for expenses with the wholesale value of their product or service, rather than with cash profits.

Creative Ways to Use ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE Dollars

Instead of using your hard earned cash use ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE dollars for advertising and marketing to bring in new customers to your business.  Using ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE dollars gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition. Your Broker can help you find advertising opportunities to help your business.

Employee Benefits & Bonuses
Add to benefits package by allowing your employees to use barter dollars for non-covered medical and dental expenses.  You can also set up sub accounts for your employees to reward them in barter dollars.

Client Thank-You Gifts
It is less expensive to keep a current client than it is to get a new client.  Why not say thank you to clients?  Not just at holidays but anytime – it’ll make their day.

Business Operations Improvements
How your business operates directly impacts sales and your bottom line.  Use your ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE dollars to run special seminars for employees and train your sales people.

Everyone needs a break!  ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE can offer vacations in beautiful Jamaican destinations. 

Personal Services
Haircuts, facials, massages to car repair to home improvement projects and everything in between.  Check with your ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE Broker before spending cash on anything.

Professional Services
Successful businesses have a team of outside professionals like bookkeepers, accountants, attorneys and more helping them to run the company.  Why spend cash when ANBELL TRADE EXCHANGE has some of the finest professional services as members of our exchange.

Anything Else

Before spending cash, call your broker.