Welcome to Anbell Trade Exchange Ltd. (ATX)

Barter saves cash, increases profits, and decreases the cost of doing business.

Every business enity seeks to increase sales by attracting more customers while simultaneously decreasing the costs involved in doing business. Together, these efforts make busness activity more profitable.

21st Century bartering facilitates the exchange of the goods and services produced/performed by a given company for the goods and services its needs WITHOUT SPENDING CASH.

  • Trade What You Have To Get What You Need
  • Save Cash and Increase Profits
  • More Sales from New Customers
  • Use Barter Dollars instead of Cash

Save your cash. Find new customers or clients. When you barter with the ATX., you can turn excess inventory or down time directly into Barter Dollars. These barter dollars can then be used with any other ATX member. Don't spend cash - use barter instead.